JFB application 2017.docx          

The 2016-2017 CCFA Junior Fair Board


   President:  Amelia Stavinoha                Vice President: Rae Gonzalez   

   Secretary:  Addison Elstner                  Treasurer: Jazmine Esquivel


Kimberly Kunz                  Rebecca Boulware- CHS Reporter

Javier Esquivel                  Larry Henderson, Jr.              Madelyn Peacock- RHS Reporter  Katie Macek                       MaryClaire Garmoe               Kade Koehl                                Maisyn Stancik                  Avery Elstner                         Emily Hasse- WHS Reporter 

Coy Koehl                           Randice Nelson                      Makia Richardson                    Thomas Garmoe                 Isabel Theut                                             


The Junior Fair Board is an organization designed to include youth of our county in the fair. Junior Fair Board members help organize events, gather ideas for the annual fair and help maintain the grounds for the fair as well as serving our community throughout the year.

Junior Fair Board